May 27, 2022

Celebrating the Best of British at Evo Supplies

Along with many across the nation, we’re delighted to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee later this month; a great achievement to mark with the royals and a fitting chance to get together and raise a glass after a few difficult years for all of us.

As a company, we may be some time off 70 years of service, but here at Evo Supplies, we’re definitely known for giving our customers the ‘royal treatment’… it’s our skates themselves, however, that truly are our crowning glory! Evo Supplies skates and dollies are equally adept at safely transporting boxes of family silver when your client is ‘moving palace’, shifting the antique grand piano from room to room during a spring clean, as rolling garden furniture carefully around the grounds! Make sure to talk to the team about your needs and we can always recommend the right skate for the job in hand.

We are marking the Jubilee Weekend this month by celebrating the ‘Best of British’ – and that includes many of our skates! Read on for some of the ‘jewels in the crown’ of our UK-made ranges…


A best seller for very good reason, our sturdy Standard Heavy-Duty Wooden Furniture Skate is available in three sizes – and with a range of castor options, including braked – to meet a wealth of corporate or home removals tasks. This resilient dolly is capable of sustaining loads of up to 600kg*, with a 4mm ribbed rubber top surface giving extra grip to help prevent slippage when cargo is on the move. Bevelled edges and rounded corners help to protect surroundings while in use. In many instances – where popular sizes and wheel options are selected – the Standard is available for immediate delivery, but if you need something specific, we’ll always do our best to accommodate with a made-to-order item.

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Mighty by name and by build… Evo’s Mighty Mover is built from a 36mm double thickness wooden platform, completed with four large, robust 125mm blue elastic swivel wheels with reinforced plates, affording this dolly a loading capacity of up to one tonne*. Ideal for shifting those heavier items, such as gym equipment, machinery, hot tubs and much more with relative ease while the non-slip ribbed rubber top surface prevents loads from slipping, and walls and doorframes are protected from scuffs by the 5mm moulded rubber bumper on the skate’s edges. Usually available for swift dispatch, and with the ability to be personalised with your company branding – just talk the team through what you need before placing your order.

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Large and with a wide wheelbase, the Maxi Loader is fitted with five sturdy 100mm swivel castors to give even bigger items space and additional support when they’re in transit. The extended 950 x 590mm surface area makes this skate ideal for shifting kitchen appliances, larger furniture (such as sofas, benches and chests), and more – whilst remaining narrow enough to roll those items through standard-sized doorways with ease. Wonderfully versatile, with loads evenly distributed correctly across all five castors*, your Maxi Loader can sustain and move weights of up to 650kg safely.

For a similar skate with a smaller surface area, why not check out the Big Loader below – or for a large skate with extra castor support, view our popular Six-Wheeled Dolly?

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A best-selling staple of our budget-friendly CheapSkates range, the 480mm square Frame Skate is created from offcuts of 18mm plywood, and ribbed rubber, making economical use of what might otherwise become waste materials. Expertly designed and crafted by our team right here in our Essex workshops, with its four hi-spec 100mm blue elastic castors securely bolted to the underside, our Frame Skate has a superb loading capacity of up to 600kg*, exceeding expectation given its comparatively modest dimensions and unique shape with open central space. Complete with ribbed rubber top mats for added grip, this dolly is easy to carry, easy to handle and easy on the wallet.

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Another favourite CheapSkates product, the Micro Mover is lightweight, moderately sized at 450 x 300mm and is ideal for use around the home (including in the garden or garage) or within the workplace, with a loading capacity of 150kg*. Four 75mm rubber swivel castors are securely bolted to the underside of ethically sourced 18mm spruce plywood, and the ribbed rubber top provides a non-slip surface to help keep items safe and steady when they’re on the move. Budget friendly, easy to use and great for boxes or smaller items of furniture – a real steal, often available for dispatch within 2 working days (though we always recommend checking in with the Evo team if you need skates in a hurry).

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The sizeable Big Loader – appropriately named – measures 750 x 590mm providing an ample surface area for moving large furniture such as chests, tables, benches and kitchen appliances as well as hefty, more awkward items like commercial machinery, vending machines and more. Five 80mm blue elastic swivel castors give this dolly extra stability and strength, affording it an impressive loading capacity of 500kg*, as well as essential manoeuvrability. A fantastic and versatile piece of kit to keep on hand as a go-to part of your corporate removals equipment – and usually available and in stock for swift dispatch; just call to check with the team before you order.

For a similar skate with a slightly larger surface area, why not check out the Maxi Loader above?

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Most of the skates in our UK-made ranges can be expertly personalised with your business branding or company logo – the perfect finishing touch for dressing your essential removals kit in the same uniform as your employees.

Browse and shop the entire range of Made in Britain products – and find out more about our personalisation service – then do not hesitate get in touch with our friendly, dedicated team to chat about ‘all things skates’, including personalised or custom dollies, on 01206 386683.

Cheers to all for the Jubilee weekend, from the Evo team – enjoy it together.

*Loads must be spread evenly across all four (or more) castors of your skate, and skates should be used on flat even surfaces whenever possible, for safety and to achieve your skate’s maximum loading capacity.