Mar 25, 2021

Choosing the Right Top for your Furniture Dolly or Skate

The quality of Evo Supplies skates and dollies runs ‘more than skin deep’… we apply our team’s knowledge and expertise to every last element of all of our products – from top to bottom.

When creating the perfect skate for removals jobs of any kind, we start with the task in mind. What items will you be moving on top of your skates? Will these be boxes and crates – or something more awkward? How heavy will your loads be? Are they fragile items? Will they likely be transported on smooth, flat surfaces, or might this be uneven, bumpy ground?

Taking all these factors (and more!) into account, in addition to dolly size, load capacity, and construction material, the top surface of each and every Evo Supplies skate or dolly is an essential consideration. All of our products are built with surfaces that meet our customers’ varying needs… and we strive to use recycled materials wherever possible.

Read on for some examples of why our tops are the tops!

Rubber-Topped Skates and Dollies

The majority of jobs call for a resilient, non-slip surface and on these occasions, you often cannot do better than a rubber top. Rubber, and other non-slip materials, on your skates help to ensure that any goods on top do not budge when the skate is in use, even on sloping or uneven ground. For increased security for your items in transit many of our rubber tops are ribbed, which also helps to protect the underside of the items sitting on top whilst keeping them safe from slipping.

The tough ribbed rubber we use is manufactured from recycled vehicle tyres and is firmly bound to the wooden skates with a strong specialised adhesive. In many cases the top edge is then bevelled to prevent it from lifting over time and prolonged use. One of our newest items features a chequered rubber top for even more peace of mind, knowing that this kind of pattern means there is little chance that your load is going to slip… check out the Hello Dollies 600 x 450mm Rubber-Edged Dolly to see for yourself.

Lastly, that you’ll find that many of our rubber-topped skates also feature rubber edges to prevent walls, doors and other surroundings from incurring any scuffs or bumps – protecting all your belongings, not just the ones on the move.

Carpet-Topped Skates and Dollies

Not all removal tasks necessitate a non-slip surface; sometimes it is more important that the items you’re transporting can simply slide on and off the skates, for ease and efficiency of transit. For these kinds of jobs, we’ve developed a range of carpet-topped skates and dollies, created using A-grade recycled carpet tiles or unused overstock, recovered from office refits and moves by Envirocycle London. These tiles, which would otherwise end up as landfill, are perfect for this purpose.

The use of a carpet surface helps to protects the skate, whilst also preventing additional, unnecessary friction between your dolly and the items on top – meaning that loads can more easily slide straight on and off. The soft carpet is gentle on anything placed on top of it, so is ideal for delicate items or anything that is very easily scuffed.

Our carpeted range come in two standard sizes, but we’ve also created large, custom skates utilising recycled broadloom carpet – our customers’ needs come first! All of our carpet-topped skates and dollies feature rubber edges – like the British-made Carpet-Topped 590mm Heavy Duty Furniture Skate with Rubber Edge – to protect the pile at the edge of the carpet. Rubber edges also help protect your home or office from scuff marks during the removals process… so they’ll be light on the items you need to move, as well as anything that is staying put.

Customised Skates and Dollies

At Evo Supplies we’re known for finding solutions to even the most bespoke tasks and requests from our customers… so while the many of our clients find that the rubber- or carpet-topped ranges suit them perfectly, we’ve been known to create skates and dollies with plain wooden tops, too. Depending on your task, economy skates with plain wooden tops may perform well enough for what you need and might save you some pennies if you’re on a strict budget.

Browse all of our skates and dollies now… and don’t forget, the Evo Supplies team are on hand to chat through your removals plans and can recommend the best skate top surfaces – and dolly features in general – that will best suit your needs. Give us a call on 01206 386683 to talk to the experts today.