Feb 1, 2021

Devoted to Great Skates

As we roll into what is widely considered to be the month of love, here at Evo Supplies, we’re reaffirming our love for what we do, and our vast array of skates and dollies that are sure to ‘castor’ spell on your heart!

Bad skate puns aside… as a company, we’re very proud of the variety of products on offer to meet even the toughest removal challenges. Whatever your budget, and whatever the loads you’re planning to move, we’re confident you will find what you need amongst the items we have carefully developed over the years.

From our collection of robust Made in the UK skates created using sustainable materials, to the expertly designed Hello Dollies range and more economical CheapSkates options, there is a wealth of choice available for the task in hand – with all items truly built to last.

After something slightly more specialised? Not a problem, with our ability to build skates to your required custom dimensions and specifications, or to personalise your items with your company logo or branding. All without sacrificing on the reliability, versatility and sturdiness that Evo products are known for…

A lot of love and care goes into what we do, and we feel it pays off. Luckily, our customers agree… and we always enjoy hearing those ‘sweet nothings’ from clients who are delighted with their purchase! Have a browse on our Testimonials page for some of our favourite endorsements and endearments. Your support really means a lot to us.

Ever ‘d-evo-ted’ to dollies and skates of unrivalled quality and great customer service, the Evo team are always on hand if you need some advice or any bespoke items. Simply give us a call on 01206 386683 to chat through your requirements.