May 13, 2021

Evo Supplies Joins Carpet Recycling UK

We’re delighted to announce that Evo Supplies is now a member of Carpet Recycling UK – a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to reducing the amount of carpet waste being sent to landfill.

Carpet Recycling UK logo

Thousands of tonnes of carpet, carpet tile and textile flooring waste are generated in the UK every year. Up until a decade ago, most of it ended up in landfill – a huge environmental concern.

Carpet Recycling UK was founded in 2008 with the vision of creating greater opportunities to divert carpet and other textile flooring waste from landfill and to recover raw materials. These opportunities include waste prevention, designing for recycling, take-back schemes, and greater re-use and recycling of carpet.

Carpet Recycling UK Member badge Evo Supplies

Our heavy-duty braked skates – perfect for shifting carpet tiles

Evo Supplies’ involvement with the concept of carpet recycling began in 2017, when Tony Spreckley of Envirocycle London Ltd bought his first (of many) heavy-duty 590mm skates with braked castors to assist in his work collecting and storing carpet tiles for re-use.

Envirocycle London using Evo Supplies skates in their work

Carpet-topped dollies

In 2019, we were asked to make 120 custom-sized dollies for a large commercial removals company who specifically requested carpet, rather than rubber, tops. In that instance, the size required was larger than a 600mm carpet tile, so we sourced new broadloom to complete the order.

custom-sized carpet top dollies by Evo Supplies

But it gave us an idea! Was there a market for carpet-topped versions of our standard 480mm and 590mm heavy-duty furniture skates?  And, importantly in these environmentally conscious times, could we use recycled carpet?

We contacted Tony Spreckley, who sold us some fantastic, good-as-new A-grade recycled carpet tiles, and set to work. The resulting carpeted skates, with moulded-rubber edges, were launched in autumn 2019 and have become a popular choice for customers seeking a frictionless top surface, allowing heavy loads to be slid on and off with ease, while also providing a softer base for transporting fragile items.

Carpet topped furniture moving skates by Evo Supplies

A perfect circle …

Our fruitful relationship with Envirocycle London came full circle in 2021, when we had the pleasure of making Tony a set of personalised braked skates, featuring the company’s gorgeous green branding and – best of all – recycled carpet tile tops recovered by … Envirocycle London!  The circular economy in action …

Envirocycle London's personalised skates by Evo Supplies

“Evo heavy duty braked skates dramatically increase our productivity and turnaround on unloading. We knew the quality would be on point. Big thank you for arranging such a quick delivery. Thoroughly recommended.”
Tony Spreckley, Envirocycle London

personalised skates for Envirocycle London by Evo Supplies

Carpet Recycling UK – an exciting collaboration

Our membership of Carpet Recycling UK gives Evo Supplies exciting networking opportunities with members, who we’re sure will be able to help when we’re sourcing the types and sizes of recycled surface our customers prefer on their removals equipment.

CRUK rolling carpets graphic

And we’re very pleased to be able to offer a special members-only discount to fellow CRUK members, who we hope will find our heavy-duty braked skates the ideal tool for carpet tile recovery, loading and storage.

Evo Supplies skates in use during carpet tile collection

If you’re looking for just the right equipment for moving carpet tiles or any other heavy items, visit our website to see the full range of our top-quality UK-made skates and dollies. For friendly, expert help and advice, contact us by email or give us a call on 01206 386683. And don’t forget, if you’re a member of CRUK, you can use your special members-only discount code at checkout or over the phone.

Evo Supplies Membership Certificate