Feb 17, 2022

Evo’s top moving house tips

Moving house has risen to the top of the agenda on life’s to-do list for many people since the start of the pandemic. For lots of these movers, it might be the first time they have had to pack up home for pastures new in quite some time, so Evo Supplies has pulled together a guide for moving house. For anyone about to start the big job of boxing up all their possessions, this is our top tips for moving house:

Don’t pack what you don’t need

No matter how big or small your current home, packing up all your possessions is going to be a sizable job, so before you get started, have a good spring clean and declutter to purge your household of unwanted and unnecessary items. Less packing means less to move, which will not only save you money but will give you the chance to spend that cash on new things that are just right for your new home.

Start your packing as early as possible

Traditionally the kettle, mugs, coffee and tea bags are the last thing packed and the first thing unpacked, but there are likely to be some things around the home that can be packed away much further in advance. Think about off-season items in your wardrobe or your garden shed that you won’t need until after your moving date. There might also be ornaments, books or soft furnishings that, although they will take pride of place in your new place, don’t actually need to be on show before you move. Anything that falls into this category can be packed and put to one side, and any jobs done now free up time closer to moving day.

Get the right tools to do the job

As well as plenty of packing boxes, newspaper, bubble wrap, rubbish bags and packing tape, you’d be wise to have a think about the best way to move some of your bulkier items. It’s not just pianos that can cause consternation or the groundwork for a comedy skit. Furniture, garden machinery and exercise equipment can be famously tricky to handle, which is where Evo Supplies’ range of furniture moving dollies, skates, removal blankets and piano shoes can be just what you need.

What’s in the box

When you start the task of packing boxes in earnest, there are some golden rules to remember to transfer your prized possessions from A to B in perfect condition. Pack books or heavier items in smaller boxes and always place your heaviest items at the bottom of the box, topped by lighter items. Try to pack boxes well, without leaving empty spaces, if there is space fill it with newspaper or other packing material. Take care to label each box to detail its contents and which room it’s planned for, and avoid mixing up items from different rooms in one box. You will thank yourself when it comes to unpacking later.

Looking after the luxury items

If you are transporting art or high value items, seek specialist advice and take specific care to pack them up safely. For example, never wrap oil paintings in regular paper as it will stick. Wrap picture frames in newspaper or bubble wrap and separate each framed piece with packing material for protection. TVs should be securely wrapped with protective material, like the removal blankets available at Evo Supplies and carefully boxed. Plasma TVs can be ruined if laid flat and therefore require specialist crates or padded bags for transportation.

We hope these top tips help your move go without a hitch.