Jul 25, 2022

How to Move a Piano

Moving projects of any kind can be stressful and if you have a considerable number of items to move – especially large, heavy or valuable, ones like pianos – this can seem like even more of a daunting task. If you have a removals job in the pipeline and are at the stage where you need some guidance on how to move a piano, you’re in the right place.

Preparation is key to projects like these to ensure a safe and efficient process for all involved and we would always recommend planning ahead of time to reduce the chance of any logistical problems on the day, as well as any damage to your precious property. Read on for some of our suggestions to help you move a piano safely.

Use the right kit

When it comes to moving not just pianos but all kinds of other heavy items around the home or workplace, life can be made easier with piano dollies from Evo Supplies. Our range of industry-leading skates are made of top-quality materials, including sturdy wheels and castors which deliver great manoeuvrability and strength, and sustainably sourced plywood, offering a fantastic load capacity of up to 900kg.

We also currently offer a special purchase Piano Shoe / Piano Skid, specially designed for grand pianos but also suitable if yours is an upright piano – and is even a good support if moving a piano up or down stairs. Six feet long and made of 18mm padded plywood boards and hardwood veneer, complete with two heavy-duty rope handles on each side and padded headboard with elasticated straps for extra security, the Piano Shoe can help to make lighter work of piano moves.

Pianos should always be well wrapped and covered in preparation for moving – our soft, cross-stitched removal blankets are made of a strong, tear-resistant wool mix and are great for helping to protect pianos and other items of furniture while they’re in transit.

Get the experts involved

Whether you’re packing up and shifting the entire contents of a home to a new property, implementing an office move, or simply transporting your piano to a new location for repairs or storage, it pays to have expertise on your side. Consider a professional removals company to take the strain out of the job and put your trust in their years of experience moving items from property to property every day. Professional outfits will come with the right equipment for the job in hand and are best placed to assess the specifics of the task and plan the best approach. It takes a trained team to move heavy, awkward items like a piano and professionals are used to working together to get the job done properly and efficiently – and, most importantly, safely.

If you’re unsure who to trust with your project, head to the Move Assured website as a first step, where you can find information and contact details for accredited professionals in your area, as well as read testimonials and reviews from previous customers. What’s more, you can search for storage locations and access resources such as moving tips and blogs to help you make the right choices.

Plan and prepare

Taking the time to plan a piano move in advance will help to reduce any unexpected problems once you’re in transit. Safety always comes first, especially with large, heavy and precious items and preparing before you start moving will help protect team members and other people, floors and walls, as well as, of course, the cargo itself.

Pianos should be packed up securely before you undertake any attempts to move them. Lids should be closed down and the entire piano should be wrapped up, using removals blankets or a purpose-made piano cover, fastened down tightly with no loose flaps hanging down to create a potential hazard.

Before you start to manoeuvre, you and/or your professional removals team should first assess the space around the piano as well as the route to the outside and beyond, arranging for the easiest, flattest access route. Create as much space as possible to pack, lift and move the piano, allowing for ample clearance from walls and other items wherever possible and checking for, and clearing, any obstacles you can identify so you have minimal hazards to contend with on the way.

Even once the route is clear and looks safe, do not be tempted to rush; as the saying goes, ‘slow and steady wins the race’. This will allow better control of the piano when it’s moving and will minimise the chance of it tipping or rolling in the wrong direction. It is usually recommended to use a minimum of three people when moving a piano, strategically placed – one at the front, one at the back and at least one or two in the middle for guidance – to provide support from each angle and to control movement.

The Evo team have years of experience in the moving sector and whether you’re looking for a dolly for home use, or a fleet of them for your removals company, we’ve got you covered with piano skates and much more. With many standard products available for fast delivery, and with personalisation options available on many items in our ranges, consider us an essential step on your moving journey. We can even build something bespoke if you have a specific challenge coming up that requires a custom-made solution. Get in touch today on 01206 368863.