Nov 1, 2021

How To Move Heavy Furniture

Every one of our skates is built with a range of removals tasks in mind. Whether you’re planning on moving house (or office) or need to shift some items around in the home, when your thoughts turn to how to move heavy furniture, Evo Supplies is the right place to start.

Not only are we confident you will find the right equipment for your job within our range of dollies, but we are also here to help and advise. Read on for some guidance on safely moving your heavy goods.

Trust the Professionals

If you’re staring down the notoriously stressful job of moving house – or moving office premises – we would always suggest getting the professionals involved early. It may be tempting to cut corners, and costs, by undertaking some of the work yourself – but seeking out a reputable removals firm from the outset means having a highly trained moving team on board at all times. Not only does this guarantee your project is being managed by experienced team members who will be able to guide you wherever necessary, but crucially, removals companies will have the right equipment on hand to get the job done. Moving your furniture from A to B in a way that is safe at all times – for your items as well as for everybody involved – is paramount.

If you’re looking for a reliable and highly rated moving company near you, why not check out Move Assured, of which we are an affiliate member, to browse nearby removals services.

Choosing the Right Skates

Evo Supplies skates are all built to last, so it’s no wonder they are a removals company’s ideal companion; our heavy-duty dollies are versatile and sturdy pieces of equipment that will stand up to the task of moving a variety of hefty items, whilst still delivering great manoeuvrability.

From our Standard Heavy-Duty Wooden Furniture Skate, available in a choice of sizes, and with or without brakes, to our “Mighty Mover” Ultra-Heavy-Duty Wooden Furniture Dolly, capable of shifting loads up to 1 tonne in weight, to our ultra-robust range of Piano Skates and much more – we’re certain that there will be an option or two in our line-up of skates to tackle the toughest of your removals tasks, and move your heaviest goods.

Perhaps the concern with moving your heavy items is more about the size than the weight? For those occasions, why not check out our Larger Skates? While built for sturdiness and ease of manoeuvre, the greater surface area and, in some cases, additional castor in the centre, means that moving big loads need not be a big problem.

If you’re not sure which of our skates are right for the job, we’re here to guide you – please don’t hesitate to get in touch to chat through your plans.

Moving Items – Health and Safety First

Stacking loads on top of skates correctly – namely with the weight evenly distributed across all four (or more) castors – is always key, helping to minimise any chance of your skate, or its precious cargo, tipping or falling. What’s more, working safely also means working smart – stacking items correctly means your dollies will perform optimally, supporting your items while you’re on the move, giving you a real sense of security when you need it the most.

Consider the top surface of your skate too. Our range of heavy-duty dollies give you the choice of either rubber, carpet or even plain wood tops, depending on your needs. Rubber tops give you that extra level of confidence, as the non-slip surface mean your items are less liable to slide, giving you full control over whatever sizeable loads you’re moving. Particularly handy if you’re likely to encounter any uneven or sloped surfaces when you’re on the move. Carpet tops, however, provide an added level of protection to your precious belongings – the softer surface means less chance of marking or scuffing your items, and the reduced friction of a carpet top makes it easy for your cargo to be carefully placed on and slid off when you’re ready, safely transporting your items with comparative ease of movement.

If you’re not sure exactly what you need – simply ask us, we’re always here to help. Read more about choosing the right top for your skates.

Moving heavy items, especially if they are also heading to new premises, is rarely straightforward but we can help to lessen the load. Call our friendly, expert team on 01206 386683 whenever you’re ready and we’ll point you in the right direction.