Mar 31, 2022

How to Pack for Moving House

Like so many of life’s big changes, moving home often brings a mixture of excitement and trepidation. As well as the anticipation of new beginnings, there is the daunting prospect of paperwork to sort, decorating to do (or undo) and of course packing up your home to transport your precious belongings to your brand-new abode.

To balance the scales in your favour, so you are feeling more joy than despair about your moving experience, there are some insider hints to help you pack up your home like a pro and dial down the stress.

One of the most important things to do to help you maintain a sense of control is to plan ahead. A good place to start is by creating yourself a moving checklist with all the necessary activities included, which will not only help you remember everything that needs to be done, but also offer a sense of achievement as you tick off completed items.

Everyone’s individual checklist will be different, but typical items of note will be to manage utilities (for your old and new addresses), updating postal details and redirecting mail, finalising details with solicitors or letting agents, identifying items that might need special requirements for transportation and starting to plan ahead to pack up your possessions.

Alongside your checklist, start creating a folder of your relevant documents relating to the move. This will be a collection of sale and purchase or rental paperwork, utilities details and other contracts and contacts. Keep a hard copy, as well as a digital copy, of the most recent documentation so that if disaster strikes and computer or phone batteries die during the move, you’ll have the answers to any urgent questions literally at your fingertips.

While some people may try to make their own arrangements for moving out, there is enough to worry about when it comes to moving home without loading up a van yourself when completion day arrives, so our advice is to speak to the professionals. You can then place the responsibility for packing up your precious possessions and making sure they arrive at your new property on time and in good shape, in the hands of a professional removals company – so picking a team you can trust should take a load off your mind.

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The best removal companies do tend to get booked up several months in advance, so getting the right people to do the job will also be helped by that forward planning we mentioned earlier. There are also peaks in the ‘removals season’, with the summer a particularly popular time to move house. So if your completion date falls in the warmer months, you might need to give more notice or even pay a little more to get the people you want. This applies to hiring other moving services and suppliers, including professionals such as decorators, builders or cleaners to make improvements to your new home that you have in mind.