May 10, 2022

How to Project Manage an Office Move

Looking after an office move is not often an easy task.

Balancing the precise timeframes for your move with the requirements of all the employees to stay on top of the day-to-day activities of the business can be a very fine line to follow. On top of that, an office move is something that doesn’t really happen often as the regular running of a business, meaning the task of project managing the office move might be given to someone with limited experience specific to the exact scenario or who hasn’t managed an office move of this nature for some time.

So if you find yourself feeling a little daunted by the task at hand, where do you start?

The golden rule is to plan ahead as far as possible, but how do you start to create the right plan to make your office move run smoothly? A great place to start is to be sure you clearly understand the company’s key objectives from the prospective office move.

Is the firm’s lease for the current building expiring? Are there ambitious plans to grow the number of employees? Is the current building just not fit for purpose anymore? Is your company looking for smaller offices to cater for a more flexible working approach?

Part of your responsibility as the project manager of the office move might be to search for and secure the new office space, in which case, having a firm grip on these precise requirements will be absolutely essential.

Alongside the clear vision for what the objectives are, make sure you start to get to grips with what the appropriate timeline will be. Of course, there can be many factors outside of your own control in terms of timeframe, such as the end date of the lease or the legal process of securing new premises. With this in mind, it is good to keep in mind the approach of ‘controlling the controllables’, so that the key aspects that are in your remit are ready to go when the time is right.

The good news is you don’t have to go through this process alone. At the very least, look out for some key colleagues who can support you or find professional services that can come in and handle specific aspects of the move. It is also vital to engage with all those who will be impacted by the move, keeping them fully informed during each stage. With the support of everyone, many hands can make lighter work of the job.

Even with the support of a professional moving company, there are still likely to be bulky and heavy items that need to be disposed of or moved as you prepare to move or settle into the new office space. All businesses have a fundamental responsibility to staff to make sure this is done safely, and this is where the help of an Evo Supplies furniture dolly can make all the difference.

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Our best-selling product, trusted by removals and office fit-out companies nationwide, is the Evo Standard Heavy Duty Wooden furniture skate/dolly. With a robust loading capacity of up to 600kg it comes in a choice of sizes up to 590mm square and you can select a braked option (with one or two brakes for maximum stability during transit).

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So when you are next overseeing your office move, make sure our skates are part of your team.