Sep 26, 2022

How to Wrap Furniture for Moving

Whatever you are moving, you are certain to want it to arrive at its new destination in the same condition as when it leaves. This is equally important whether you are moving just one significant item, or you have a whole house to pack up and move.

In all these situations, it is the packing that is key to making sure your possessions are well protected as they are moved. For a house move, it is likely to be pieces of furniture that are the biggest, bulkiest and most difficult to move, and it is also these items that can easily be damaged if not handled with care or packed correctly.

So how do you wrap furniture for moving?

If you are using a removals company, speak to them in advance about which items they will wrap and pack for you, and which you’ll need to wrap yourself ahead of their team’s arrival on the day. If you are undertaking the move yourself, or using a ‘move only’ professional service, then here’s some advice we hope will help.

Before you pack any of your furniture, it’s a good idea to make a record of all the items being moved, including a few pictures to reference the exact condition of the furniture before it is moved. Measure up too, so you know how each piece of furniture will need to be moved to remove it from your old house and delivered to your new home in the right room and location.

Will legs or additional attachments need to be removed? If so, do this before your furniture is wrapped up and make sure all the extras are kept in a safe place – and you know where that safe place is! Any loose fittings, especially glass or fragile items, should be removed and kept safe as a matter of course.

Even for larger pieces of furniture, make sure they are completely wrapped before they are moved. Removal blankets are particularly helpful here, protecting large surface areas from bumps and scratches. Always use blankets that are both durable, soft and made from a tear-resistant fabric.

Extra care should be taken to protect the furniture corners and more ornate elements of design that might not be robust. Additional removal blankets might be used for this, or bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard can be effective.

Make sure all the wrapping around your furniture is secured well, as the last thing you want is trailing wrapping that might cause a trip hazard while it’s on the move. If you are using packing tape to hold wrapping in place, be certain to avoid the adhesive sticking to parts of the actual furniture. Removing packing tape from the furniture after the move is completed, can damage the furniture or leave unsightly marks.

With a long ‘to do’ list and moving day fast approaching, it’s all too easy to miss things or rush parts of your packing. But be warned, if there are items that have particular sentimental value, or that will be prominent in your new home, not giving the right care and attention to wrapping up your furniture might lead to permanent damage that can’t be put right.

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