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Personalised furniture skates by Evo Supplies: some of this year’s favourites

Evo personalised furniture skate for ACS

Of all the things we make and sell at Evo Supplies – from our best-selling ‘industry standard’ 590mm square skates to the (almost) pocket-sized Hello Dolly mini-skate HD05 – our favourite has to be creating personalised furniture skates for our customers.

The variety is endless. From simple logos, to contact details, van registration numbers, employee names, and charity awareness-raising.

We can put pretty much any information on the underside of a skate. And we can match your corporate branding colours and fonts exactly.

Here’s a small selection of some of this year’s favourite designs:

Evo Personalised skates for SOS MovesEvo personalised furniture skate for ACS Evo personalised skate for Cabot Credit Management Evo personalised skate for Eden Projects Evo personalised skate for CMEvo personalised piano skates for Earls RemovalsEvo personalised skates for Spindoctor Ltd

BCL Office Moving Prevent Breast Cancer pink furniture skates



If you think personalised furniture skates might be the way forward for your company, then give us a shout.

Whether you’re looking for 1, 10 or 300 personalised skates, we’ll take it in our stride and deliver top-quality products that will advertise your business for years to come.