Cancelled Order 800 X 800mm Five-wheeled Wooden Furniture Skate / Dolly

This cancelled order square skate / dolly has a ribbed rubber top and five 100mm swivel castors for strength and stability.

Measuring 800 x 800mm, this large skate is perfect for moving larger furniture, such as sofas, appliances, tables, benches and chests, or freezers, vending machines and other commercial applicances.

Provided the weight of the object/s being moved is evenly spread across all five castors*, this cancelled order large skate will carry loads of up to 600kg.

*It’s vital that great care is taken when loading items onto this product, to ensure that heavy weights are not borne by one or two castors alone. Maximum loading capacity is dependent on both well-distributed weight and use on an even, non-bumpy surface.

(For an even larger skate with five wheels, take a look at our Maxi Loader, or if you think six wheels might be better suited to the task in mind, check out our popular Six-wheeled skate.)

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Dimensions: 800 x 800mm

Castors: five 100mm blue elastic swivel castors

Max capacity: 600kg       Weight: 10kg

Delivery: In stock for swift despatch. 

Additional information

Skate Size

750 x 590 mm

Braked castors


Loading capacity

up to 600kg

Made in the UK


Rubber edge




Wheel Size