Apr 30, 2021

What is a Moving Dolly?

We at Evo Supplies are known within the removals sector for our quality products, but if you’re new to the industry – or new to us! – our skates and dollies, and the features that make them so reliable (and renowned), may be a bit of an unknown. If you’ve ever found yourself asking ‘what is a moving dolly’, we’re here to help!

What’s the difference between a dolly and a skate?

In short – there’s no difference; these terms are interchangeable, so the name you use completely depends on your preference. Personally, we use both! However you choose to refer to them, when you buy yours from us, you’re guaranteed unrivalled quality, sturdiness and reliability. Evo Supplies skates and dollies ‘by any other name’ would still deliver market-leading, unbeatable performance.

What are they used for?

Skates and dollies are essential equipment for any removals or logistics company, whether large or small. Whatever the task – office moves, home removals, and anything in between – there’s none that cannot be made easier to tackle when using Evo Supplies products. Our range of skates features multiple options with a maximum loading capacity of 900kg – with a few even capable of sustaining loads of up to 1 tonne (when used correctly) – so our products are ideal for making light work of hefty, awkward items, like pianos, kitchen appliances, gym equipment and more.

Check out our 900kg+ range.

What makes a good dolly?

Evo Supplies dollies are built to tackle the task in hand – and are built to last. Our team’s expertise goes into every part of our UK-made products. From the high-grade FSC® certified plywood from ethical, sustainable sources, down to each and every castor, carefully selected and firmly fixed to the base of all of our skates… the strength, longevity and manoeuvrability of our skates is no accident! That magical combination of quality components and years of industry experience is why we’re at the top of our game – and why our customers vouch for us so strongly.

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The personal touch…

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. Have you got a question about what skates are best for you? Give us a call. Need to discuss something specific? We can probably build it for you! With the knowledge and expertise of our team behind each dolly we build, we guarantee that Evo Supplies skates will be the most reliable members of your removals team.

What’s more, your dollies can be the perfect on-the-go advert for your business! We’ve worked with many clients to create personalised fleets of skates for their removals companies, meaning that wherever they go, their logo and branding is clearly visible, pride of place on the underside of each dolly. What better way to promote your organisation while you’re hard at work?

The team are always here to help – feel free to contact us by email or simply give us a call on 01206 386683.