Jun 30, 2021

Where to Rent a Furniture Dolly

If you have a tricky task that requires a set of wheels – whether you have some home improvements of your own planned for the summer, or your moving company has its calendar full of upcoming removals appointments – you might be considering where to rent a furniture dolly.

Here at Evo Supplies, our experts would always recommend making a purchase over arranging a rental – and for a number of good reasons… read on for just some of the benefits of making an Evo Supplies skate (or more!) a permanent resident in your life…

Evo Supplies furniture moving skates in use

Cost Effective

You heard us right, it’s a very sound investment – especially over time. In almost any sector the financial savings associated with purchasing products, rather than renting them short or long term, is a huge advantage, and this is certainly the case when it comes to our skates.

When you buy furniture dollies from Evo Supplies, you are paying for top-notch quality in addition to our team’s years of expertise. Our UK-made products are truly built to last, manufactured by our experienced team straight out of our HQ on Mersea Island in Essex. We’re confident you and your team or household will be using them for years to come.

Our customers agree! Just a few of the many testimonials we’ve received:

  • “Your skates are fantastic!! I’ve had them for 5 years and still going strong”
  • “The best out there as far as durability is concerned”
  • “Rock solid”
  • “They’re indestructible!”

So not only are you paying for quality and expertise, but you’re paying a one-off cost, upfront, before you roll off ‘into the sunset’ with products we know you will love – with none of the ongoing or hidden costs (or strict terms and conditions!) that can often be associated with rental agreements.


The team have years of combined experience and we’re proud to say that within the industry, Evo Supplies is a name you can trust; there’s a reason we’re known as ‘The Skate People’! We’ve worked hard to earn our good reputation and are pleased to be known in particular for the quality craftsmanship and longevity of each and every one of our UK-made products.

Each skate and dolly built in our workshop is constructed using only the best components we can source, from the sustainably sourced plywood platforms, A-grade recycled carpet or durable rubber tops, down to the top-quality, hard-wearing castors; you know exactly what you’re getting every time. Can you say the same from a rental company?

With our expert touch, our products are worth far more than the sum of their parts – making them fantastic value for money, especially compared with renting. Our loyal customers would agree – the quality of our products keeps them coming back time and time again to add more items to their collections.


Whether you work for a removals or installation company or are looking for equipment for your home or workplace, skates are always handy to have around. There’s no end to the list of moving tasks that can be made easier with a dolly! Our customers use their wheeled workers to move office furniture such as desks, filing cabinets and more… or home furniture such as sofas, chairs, kitchen appliances, and pianos. Our dollies can shift most items you could think of with ease.

Looking to reorganise your garden this summer? Skates are ideal for lending a helping hand when you want to reposition heavy plant pots, garden statues, sacks of compost, pizza ovens… the sky’s the limit.

This summer, our skates even helped the Octopus Ahoy! team move these octopus sculptures around Tendring!

Owning an Evo Supplies dolly means that you’re always ‘ready to go’ – office and home moves can start at the drop of a hat, compared with the advance notice period you would expect with arranging a rental.

Bespoke and Personal

Chances are, if you’re looking to rent, your options will be limited to fairly standard fare – you’re effectively choosing ‘off the rack’. At Evo Supplies, you have a wealth of options at your fingertips; if you need something specific for the job at hand, simply talk us through your requirements and we’ll do our best to construct it. What could be better for tackling your removal tasks than items built specifically to your needs?

What’s more, making a skate purchase from Evo Supplies gives you a unique opportunity to promote your business simply by going about your normal day. Speak to us about personalisation and getting your company logo set pride of place on the underside of your dollies, for all to see when you’re out and about. It’s simply not possible to stamp your personal mark on your skates – and on the world – if you’re using rented items which will eventually need to be returned.

Believe us when we say that bespoke items from Evo Supplies are business investments that will just keep giving.

If you’d like to chat to the team of experts further about the benefits of owning your own skates – rather than looking into options for renting – or if you would like to speak to us about what dollies are best for you, please don’t hesitate to call Evo Supplies on 01206 386683.