Dec 4, 2023

How to Pack Clothes for Moving

The contract has been signed and your new home awaits you. Now comes the difficult business of packing in readiness for the move. Where do you start with packing your clothes for moving? As with many life events, the secret to success is in the preparation, so here’s some of our top tips for getting all your clothes ready for that big move.

Decision time

Firstly, it’s decision time and moving is a great opportunity to declutter. Take out all your clothes from your wardrobe and work out what you want to keep, sell or donate.

Be clinical about it and only keep the clothes you have worn within the past few years, or which are in good condition or hold sentimental value. Remember, everything you pack has to be unpacked at the other end.

The rest can either be sold or donated to charity, where they will be gratefully received.


Not all clothes are constantly needed – some might be day-to-day essentials for work or leisure but other outfits will be party wear or clothes for different seasons. Put all the clothes you regularly need to one side for easy access. Those you don’t really need right now can be put into another pile and they can be the first that you pack.

Packing cases

Boxes, suitcases, bags and vacuum packs – all will come in handy when it comes to packing up your clothes for the big move. Here are just come of your options:

  • Cardboard boxes – sturdy boxes are great for packing and can be easily stacked. Layer your folded clothes neatly into boxes and don’t overpack them or your clothes will be crushed by the time they reach your new home. It’s a good tip to line the inside of your boxes with packing paper or plastic wrap to protect your clothes from moisture or dirt.
  • Wardrobe boxes – these are taller boxes with a hanging rail, in which clothes can be packed while still on their hangers. It means clothes can be unpacked faster and easily transferred into wardrobes in your new home… and without being crumpled. All good removals companies will supply wardrobe boxes – just ask them when you request a quote.
  • Suitcases, holdalls, and strong zipped laundry bags – all are perfect for shoes, belts, ties and other clothes and accessories which don’t need to be carefully folded. If you’re using a professional removals company, avoid packing anything at all in dustbin sacks – they are difficult to stack in a vehicle, tear easily and can be easily mistaken for actual rubbish!
  • Vacuum packs – great for saving space and protecting items from dust and mildew. These are a great idea for packing bulky items of clothing such as jackets and winter coats.
  • Drawers – some clothes, such as underwear, can be left in their drawers to be transported. But remember to tape up the drawers before the move, and do check with your removals company if they’re OK with this, as they may sometimes need to remove drawers from chests and cupboards to lighten the load, or make it easier to manoeuvre heavy items down flights of stairs.


When it comes to moving your packages, furniture skates are such helpful pieces of equipment. They are highly manoeuvrable and will carry the load easily without straining your back. And when you have a lot to move, you will certainly be glad you got one. A wide range of skates are available at Evo Supplies and are already trusted by professional removal firms. See our vast range to pick the best one for you; click here to shop.

Happy moving and good luck in your new home.