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The best things in life come from trying new things, and when a customer came to us asking for equipment to move doors, our new board dolly design was borne. Taking our iconic welded aluminium piano dolly as a blueprint, our board dolly comes with options of both pneumatic wheels for use on challenging landscapes and puncture proof wheels for added durability. Able to cope with heavy loads of up to 400kg, our board dollies come with ribbed rubber top blocks to avoid slippage. It is recommended that for the weightier cargo there are two users handling the equipment.

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A Board Dolly offers a simple solution to difficult moves

A board dolly is in essence a platform on wheels, but while it is basic in design, its quality of manufacture at Evo Supplies makes it a mighty piece of equipment for movers. It can provide steady transportation of heavy or large objects which would otherwise be difficult to move. Board dollies are fairly streamline in construction and so also have the benefit of being easy to store and transport. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

What sets a Board Dolly from Evo Supplies apart?

Evo Supplies provides the highest quality of board dollies to help you with your heavy lifting. We were named ‘Best Furniture Moving Equipment Supplier’ in the UK Transport Awards in 2021 and are an affiliate member of Move Assured, an organisation which checks and accredits members of professional independent removal companies.  All our board dollies are built to the highest standards to be tough, durable and reliable.