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Promoting your business while on site is a perfect way to market your services to potential clients in the area. Evo Supplies offer personalised skates which will help you to showcase your branding and use your work as a mobile advertising platform; it is likely to help stop any skates going missing too. With a custom build you can also choose the size, wheels and brake options, as well as personalisation of the underside. Speak to our friendly team on 01206 386683 today about what the perfect personalised skate could look like for your business.

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More than just personalised furniture skates

The personalisation of your skates may add the finishing touches to your equipment, but sometimes you need even more customisation. If you are faced with a tricky piece of equipment to move and our off-the-shelf options simply won’t cut it, then you can speak to our team about bespoke skates built to your exact specification. This includes picking your size, load capacity and castors to move awkward items easily and safely.

Why you should let us personalise your skates

At Evo Supplies, we pride our business not just on incredible customer service and satisfaction, but also using the highest quality materials to ensure our skates are the very best in the UK. This extends to the level of finish on our personalised skates to showcase your brand at its very best. We only use top-notch vinyl to leave the perfect finish and quality that will make sure that your skates stand out from the crowd.