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Great for shifting pianos and other large equipment, the piano dollies for sale at Evo Supplies are made of top-quality materials, including sustainably sourced plywood. Boasting strong wheels, and with a load capacity of up to 900kg, with our piano dolly you will not be lacking in manoeuvrability and efficiency. Remember, you can help promote your brand with personalisation options or commissioning a custom piano dolly, designed to your desired specification.

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Can I have my branding on my piano dolly?

When you are completing a project for a client, your piano dolly can act as a great advertising platform for your services. At Evo Supplies, we can add your logo to the underside of your dollies so that whenever they are sat up out of the way or when you pick them up, people can see your branding clearly and proudly. As well as working as great advertising it does reaffirm your brand to customers and may help protect them from theft.

As a removals professional you will know that the task of moving a piano from one property to another is no subtle process… and every occasion you are out working in the public domain is an opportunity to demonstrate the levels of professionalism your company is capable of and attract new business. Stocking up on branded items for your working arsenal is a simple, yet effective, way to highlight and promote your business and services with no extra effort while you’re busy focusing on getting the job done right.

The next time your clients, or their neighbours, clock your team moving a piano, your branded, personalised piano dollies will ensure they notice you and remember your company name, as well as your skills.

What piano dolly do I need?

It really depends on what you are trying to move. Piano dollies are a fantastic bit of furniture moving kit that can move the most awkward items, whether in terms of shape and size. Our range comes with fixed wheel and swivel wheel options – and a mix of both – whether you are either looking for stability or excellent manoeuvrability. Offering a capacity of up to 900kg, there is not much they can’t move.

Different situations call may call for skates with different features. Our variety of piano dollies mean you always have the option to call upon the exact type of equipment you need when the time comes. All are built to manage heavy cargo and include castor options, affording you the robust control of fixed wheels, the manoeuvrability of swivel wheels – or a combination of both – so whether you’re shifting grand pianos, uprights, or something else entirely, you can do so safely and efficiently.

Why not check out our Special Purchase Piano Shoe as an extra, padded, helping hand to work alongside your piano dollies?