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With frames welded together from components and materials manufactured in the UK, Evo Supplies’ range of Piano Trolleys are unmatched in the industry. Trusted for over more than three decades for their robust nature and reliability on any terrain, our piano moving trolleys come in six unique designs to work their magic in a variety of work settings. Whether you are moving a standard upright piano, a grand piano or the most luxurious of electric organs, you won’t find a better tool for the job.

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Best piano trolley in the business

When moving a valuable piano or any other awkward item, you want to know that the equipment you use is built for the job. Evo Supplies’ range of piano trolleys are designed meticulously to the standards originally set by their long-established former manufacturers, Alan Stuart Engineering Ltd of Salford. Revered in the industry, our piano trolleys are created using only UK-made components and fully-welded to be assured of toughness and stability when carrying valuable loads.