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At Evo Supplies, you can have your pick of wooden skates across a wide range of load capacities to give you the moving power you need. When you buy a wooden skate from us you are guaranteed unbeatable manoeuvrability and sturdy UK construction in our Made in Britain ranges, which simply won’t be matched in the industry. If you require a custom design, then we can work to your exact specification and also personalise items to turn any skate into an advertising platform for your business. Call us on 01206 386683 today.

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Showing 1–16 of 24 results



Picking out the right wooden skates

Every removals job is different and it’s imperative to have the right skate to handle the furniture or equipment you are attempting to manoeuvre safely. It is important to consider all the factors in play; what size and shape are your items? Are they fragile, awkward or susceptible to toppling? How far are you moving your loads – and across what kinds of surfaces? It may seem that simply bigger is better and that any large, sturdy wooden skates will cover you for all your removal jobs… but our dollies are carefully designed and built with particular tasks in mind – it pays to take a little time to consider your specific needs.

At Evo Supplies, you can find a range of options from thicker wood through to varieties with a higher load capacity, those with a bigger surface area to cope better with more unwieldy items, rubber- or carpet-topped options for extra grip or added protection, and much more. Or we can work with you to create custom skates built to your required spec – we’ve got you covered. If you are unsure about which skates to buy, then call our expert team on 01206 386683 for guidance.

Why you should personalise your wooden skates

Ever been out on a job and had your skates pinched while you’re not using them? It happens more often than you’d like to think. One simple yet effective way of deterring would-be thieves is to consider personalising your wooden skates, stamping your unmistakable ownership on each and every item, ensuring it’s clear where they belong and making them less covetable to others outside of your business. Simply put, having your logo emblazoned clearly on the underside of your skates, you are more likely to prevent them being stolen.

Better still, having your items proudly stating your company’s look and/or information – just as your business cards and uniforms do – transforms them into moving advertisements. Yes, personalisation can also work brilliantly for marketing purposes as your brand can be on display everywhere you go, allowing potential corporate and private clients to find you as and when they need a moving company. Our existing customers love theirs – follow us on social media to see some of our favourite recent designs and get in touch with our friendly team to chat through the process.