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Hailed as “the best in the business”, Evo Supplies’ top-quality, heavy-duty dollies are trusted by removal and fit-out companiess across the UK. Offering load capacities of up to 1000kg, there are not many moving jobs they can’t make run more smoothly. Take a look through our standard sizes – including 590mm, 510mm and 480mm square varieties – but contact us if you need a custom heavy-duty dolly built to your exact requirements. Don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01206 386683 for more options, such as bulk buying or personalisation.

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Showing 1–16 of 21 results



What makes it a heavy-duty dolly?

We manufacture a range of heavy-duty wooden dollies that are immensely durable and mobile, to cope with any load you need to move. As the main load-bearing component, castors make the big difference in how much a dolly can hold at its maximum limit. Our heavy-duty options feature robust blue elastic castors, which are made to a high specification and have exceptional load-bearing capacity for their size.

Why are our heavy-duty dollies the best? Well, that’s a simple question to answer. At Evo Supplies, we are exacting in the quality of the materials and components we use, from ethically sourced plywood to the finest load-bearing essentials of the castors and wheels. All perfectly finished, with smooth-sanded, rounded edges to protect the goods they hold, the surroundings they are used in and the people operating them, there’s no better way to move heavy loads than with our range of top level dollies.

Can you make me a bespoke heavy-duty dolly?

Evo Supplies is well renowned as a trusted producer of top-quality furniture moving dollies, with many pre-made offerings available to buy today. However, we understand that some jobs require more tailored equipment to take the weight out of moving the most awkward gear. Speak to our expert team today and they can look at designed bespoke options for you as well as personalisation options to make you stand out from the crowd.

Not only can we make sure your bespoke heavy-duty dolly is exactly tailored to your needs but we can also personalise it to ensure it’s on message with your brand. By choosing to have your logo and tagline emblazoned on your dolly via our top quality vinyls, you’ll ensure that your equipment is marketing your services on every job and helps keep it safe from potential theft. Talk to our team about personalisation on 01206 386683 and we’ll make sure your heavy-duty dollies stand out.