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It’s vital that goods can be moved across a construction site easily, safely and quickly. That’s why you should consider the range of construction trolleys available from Evo Supplies. Built in the UK, using UK components, these are top-quality construction trolleys, with each frame welded together to ensure a robustness not found in bolted-together alternatives. Well-known in the industry as some of the best equipment available, you won’t be disappointed in our products or our unbeatable customer service and support.

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What to look for in a construction trolley

When choosing a construction trolley you want a robust and manoeuvrable piece of equipment which is up to the job of transporting goods safely and efficiently. Evo Supplies manufacture our trolleys using only UK components and weld the aluminium frame and axle mounts together so that no nuts and bolts are used; making them hugely reliable and durable. Our heavy duty options are fitted with pneumatic or puncture-proof tyres for extra stability and moveability on the trickiest of terrains.

Why choose our Construction Trolley?

Tough but versatile, an Evo Supplies’ construction trolley is the perfect aid for transporting equipment, tools and materials from A to B. Built to last, these robust construction trolleys are small but mighty and can carry heavy and difficult loads. They are both sturdy and manoeuvrable and capable of tackling even the roughest of terrains, so will not let you down when you need them most.