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As an award-winning company, Evo Supplies are the go-to manufacturer of the highest quality wooden dollies in the UK. Built to last and offering unrivalled manoeuvrability, when you choose to buy a wooden dolly from us, you’re guaranteed a product to get you or your business moving. Ideal for any move, whether house, office, or something unusual, you will not be disappointed in our perfectly designed options. Customise your own down to the exact specification you require and personalise it to take your brand with you wherever you go.

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Showing 1–16 of 29 results



How customisable are your wooden dollies?

At Evo Supplies, we are proud to be the go-to manufacturer for wooden furniture moving equipment in the UK due to our exceptional range of options. If you can’t find the perfect skate among our off-the-shelf options, then contact our friendly team to see what we can design for you. Whether you need a larger platform, different wheels or something more unusual, we will do our utmost to tailor a wooden dolly to your exact requirements.

Why should I personalise my wooden dolly?

There’s a great opportunity to market to potential clients when you personalise a wooden dolly with your branding or logo. Not only does it catch the eye of clients, but it can strengthen your brand and give an air of professionalism on every job you do. We’ve heard lots of stories about dollies going missing on location too, so that additional personalisation makes them far less attractive to any thieves around. Look the part on your next job with personalised equipment.