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A crate skate is the tool you need when moving plastic or cardboard crates during an office or business move. You won’t have to break your back carrying old files back and forth with our efficient crate skates, built to hold up to 500kg using 100mm wheels. They come with a rubber topping to ensure that nothing slides about and that crates are simple both to load on and take off. Speak to our team on 01206 386683 if you would like to personalise your crate skate or to place a bulk order.

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Why do I need a crate skate?

When you’re embarking on changing your work premises or filing away swathes of paperwork, you’ll soon put your back out picking up and carrying dozens of filled boxes. Make your life easier with our highly manoeuvrable and durable crate skates which can make light work of moving your important paperwork and which come with rubber tops so even the most awkward boxes are safe from toppling over when in transit. From heavy-duty options, through to less hardy alternatives for those smaller jobs, you’ll find it all here at Evo Supplies.

Why are Evo Supplies crate skates among the best available?

Here at Evo Supplies, we pride ourselves on being the go-to manufacturer for crate skates for businesses up and down the UK. All our skates are designed with care and attention to offer durability and the highest quality removals equipment that money can buy. On top of this our comprehensive off-the-shelf range of skates in different shapes and sizes is bound to have what you need, and even if you require something truly bespoke then we’ll try our utmost to create the perfect skate for you. Our customer service is also second to none, with our friendly team always here to answer any questions and to guide you in the right direction.