Board trolley

Originally made as a bespoke item for a customer in the door industry, and based on the design of our acclaimed welded aluminium Piano Trolleys, our new range of Board Trolleys allow a number of boards, panels, doors or window frames to be transported together easily across uneven ground on all-terrain pneumatic or puncture-proof wheels. The ribbed rubber top blocks help prevent loads from slipping. As with all two-wheeled handling products, great care should be taken by users when the trolley is underway, and it is recommended that heavier loads and multiple boards should be supported by two people when in use.

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A board trolley that is built to last

By designing our board trolleys to the same standard as our highly sought after piano trolleys, we can guarantee you a level of durability unrivalled in the industry. Their welded construction ensures that no bolts can loosen over time and cause issues. We also source of all our components in the UK to deliver the highest quality product. With pneumatic or puncture-proof wheels our trolleys have the longevity that you need.