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Move awkward panels with ease across even the most tricky and challenging terrain with an Evo Supplies’ panel dolly. Designed using our industry-leading piano dolly principles, our panel dollies are welded to be the most reliable and durable in the marketplace. Able to cope with loads of up to 400kg and fitted with pneumatic or puncture proof wheels, there’s no dolly to rival our models for manoeuvrability and stability. Add the non-slip rubber top blocks and you can rest assured that even the heaviest loads are secure in transit.

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Get a panel dolly to do the tricky lifting

They may be small but they are mighty – a Panel Dolly from Evo Supplies is the perfect aid for moving panels, doors, planks of wood or sheets of glass. Light, compact and easy to manoeuvre, the panel dolly allows you to move cumbersome materials across construction areas, warehouses and other industrial sites on your own. Our panel dollies are fitted with puncture resistant wheels and are lined with durable, cushioning material to ensure loads are moved safely and without being scuffed or scratched.

Is a panel dolly easy to manoeuvre?

Some objects are just too awkward, heavy or long to carry safely but the problem can be solved by using our versatile panel dollies. Our panel dolly is specifically designed to help you easily transport objects ranging from slabs and boards to heavy sheet metal and delicate materials. These dollies are easy to steer and are ideal for use in DIY shops, builders’ merchants and on construction sites. Items can be transported with ease no matter their shape.