Heavy Duty All Terrain Dolly

Are you in the market for a heavy duty all terrain dolly that can cope with the most challenging of landscapes? Recognised as the leading all terrain dolly for decades, Evo Supplies’ variety of all terrain dollies is guaranteed to have an option that’s perfect for your job. We pride our design on being the most robust and trustworthy available due to the fact that all options benefit from frames that are fully welded and built to last. Shop our range now or get in touch with any questions via 01206 386683.

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What to look for in a heavy duty all terrain dolly?

Challenging landscapes require specialist equipment to cope with carrying heavy items over ever undulating ground. Knowing your heavy duty all terrain dolly is built with rigidity and moveability in mind from the start is vital. That’s why Evo Supplies’ options offer fully welded aluminium bodies and feature steel axles, as well as pneumatic tyres, to guarantee stability while carrying tricky loads on even the most uneven surfaces.

What are the benefits of a Heavy Duty All Terrain Dolly?

Robust and durable, our heavy duty all terrain dollies can do the heavy lifting whatever the challenge. The larger strong wheels allow the dolly to be moved smoothly across uneven surfaces that threaten to topple any load aboard a traditional dolly. Evo Supplies is recognised as a leader in heavy duty all terrain dollies and they feature strong welded frames which are built to last and withstand most awkward landscapes.