Piano Wheels Trolley

Moving a piano is not a task to undertake lightly and with the incredibly reliable piano wheels trolley, you can rest assured that you are in the best possible hands. Our range of options all come with frames fully welded, ensuring they are secure, rigid and capable of handling all terrains. Pick out the right piano wheels trolley for you below or get in touch with our friendly team on 01206 368863 if you have any questions or want to bulk order.

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Why choose us for a piano wheels trolley?

Here at Evo Supplies, we were delighted to take over the manufacturing rights of Alan Stuart Engineering Ltd of Salford’s highly-regarded design process to become the industry-leading maker of piano wheels trolleys. When you buy from us you can be safe in the knowledge that our designs are handcrafted to the same incredibly high standards and made from only UK components to guarantee quality and durability.

How manoeuvrable is a piano wheels trolley?

Of all the challenges in moving, transporting a piano certainly ranks among the hardest. Pianos are heavy and cumbersome but also fragile and need extremely careful handling. But our piano wheels trolleys are both robust and manoeuvrable to ensure the task is undertaken successfully. The key to their success is their hard-wearing, trustworthy and well-built piano wheels trolleys which can ensure all difficult objects are moved with ease.