Carpeted Dolly / Carpeted Dollies

Carpeted Dolly / Carpeted Dollies

Friction can cause big issues when trying to move certain items, that’s why we offer carpeted dollies as well as rubber-topped options. Carpet allows you to simply slide anything on and off, particularly good for those fragile items and likely-to-scuff equipment. Our commitment to sustainability means we use recycled or unused overstock carpet tiles whenever possible. Guarantee the safe moving of valuable cargo with a bespoke carpeted dolly from Evo Supplies today.

What are the benefits of a carpeted dolly?

When you have expensive and scratchable goods to manoeuvre as part of a removal job, then carpeted dollies offer the soft surface you require to do so without incident, avoiding scuffs and marks when putting items on and taking them off your dolly. Better still, you can rest easy in the knowledge that all the carpet we use is of the highest quality and reclaimed for re-use from office refits, making it equally as good for the planet as it is for everything you move.

Personalising your carpeted dolly

You’ve made the right choice in protecting the precious goods you are moving with a carpet top to your dolly but don’t forget the underside. The perfect wooden finish can act as a fantastic advertising opportunity with your brand displayed beautifully on it wherever you go. Not only can you use it for marketing to potential clients when on a job, but it can often deter opportunist thieves from taking your skates and dollies when left around.

Personalising your skates with something as straightforward as a high-quality vinyl sticker, displaying your business logo on the underside, delivers the professional look you crave. Get your skates looking fresh and professional in their branded uniform with our personalisation service… we’re sure you’ll love them as much as our other customers love theirs! Give us a call now on 01206 386683 to find out more about our purpose-built carpeted skates today.

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