Jan 25, 2022

Why hire a moving company?

Moving house does not come cheap. Even if your next home is not stretching you too far financially, during the process you’ll still be seeing significant sums of money heading out to solicitors, estate agents and HMRC, to name just a few. With the bills adding up, it can be tempting to try and save on the expense of hiring a moving company. But is this a wise choice?

Making the decision to up sticks and head to pastures new is often a little unsettling in itself, and holding together the links in the chain to make sure your house move makes it to completion day is rarely an easy process. So, as moving day creeps ever closer, do you want the added strain of pulling together everything you own, boxing it up, loading it into a hire van, leaving enough time to make it to your new home before nightfall … and then having to unpack enough so you can make up the bed to collapse into, exhausted?

Naturally, there are considerations around how much you need moving, how far you have to travel to your new home, whether any items might need to go into storage and if you have any possessions that are of particularly high value or require special attention because of their size, fragility or awkwardness. Nevertheless, even for the simplest of moves, an expert removals company can relieve a lot of pressure in what is certain to be quite a stressful time in your life. Professional movers bring with them expert advice, attention to detail and the latest equipment to pack up your treasured possessions safely, securely and with the minimum of fuss.

As one of the most respected names in the removals industry, we supply many of the leading moving companies across the UK. Known as ‘The Skate People’, we are a manufacturer of high quality furniture dollies, moving skates and removal blankets, and last year the firm was named Best Furniture Moving Equipment Supplier at the UK Transport Awards 2021. Evo Supplies is an affiliate member of Move Assured, an organisation which checks and monitors a large membership of professional independent removal companies.

When you hire a moving company to pack up your home and move your possessions, look for the Move Assured logo and do your research to find reviews and testimonials for the company you choose. Sourcing the right removal firm for you will put your mind at rest, and rather than having the worry about how your TV might travel from A to B without damage, you can put all of those concerns in the hands of the professionals.

Even before the day of your move, a good moving company will be able to provide boxes and packing materials, which will be a real help if you are packing up your possessions yourself before they are loaded up into the removals van by the expert movers. Many removals firms also offer a packing service, with fully trained staff who will expertly wrap and pack your precious homeware, saving you time and hassle.

For difficult or large items, the removals team will be on hand to get the job done, using exactly the right removals equipment to make sure your valued items get moved swiftly and safely. And if there are any unforeseen disasters, all of your items will be covered by the removals company’s insurance and not subject to your own liability. Most moving companies offer a level of cover for damage or negligence, which will be set out in their terms and conditions. Always read the T&Cs thoroughly so you can check any queries you have in advance of your move.