Dec 15, 2022

What to put under heavy furniture to move it

Moving heavy furniture can be a very tricky business. Even for what appears to be a very small job of transporting heavy furniture from one part of a house to another, to do it right can take thought, planning and the correct equipment.

And while there is sometimes a temptation to take a shortcut to save on time or money, the reality is that you run the risk of creating a bigger job and more expense with potential damage to the furniture, the surrounding area or worst of all, the people involved in moving the furniture.

So why run the risk? Instead, take the time to do the job in the right way. There are so many helpful tools and tips around that can make moving furniture not only easier, but safer.

One particularly useful piece of moving equipment that you can put under heavy furniture to move it more easily is a furniture slider. These are especially helpful for those items of furniture that are just a little bit too heavy to move safely and easily by hand.

Instantly, a furniture slider provides the opportunity to move heavy furniture in a time-saving and safe way. Furniture sliders are most often constructed from plastic and can be made up of single part or multi-part elements. The sliders can be used to place under the weight bearing part of a piece of furniture, such as each leg or corner of the piece of furniture that you are moving.

These elements help the furniture to glide across the floor with much less effort, allowing the mover to concentrate on directing and positioning the furniture most safely. Hard furniture sliders are designed to work particularly well on carpet surfaces, which you can also use soft furniture sliders which work best on hard surface floors, including wood, vinyl or tile floors.

In each case, the sliders operate to reduce friction between the heavy item of furniture and the surface of the floor, allowing the item to move across the room more easily and without the risk of scratching, tearing or damaging the floor.

A furniture lifting device is a great partner tool for furniture sliders. Furniture lifting devices come in various formats, but essentially allow you to lever up an item of furniture to safely place furniture sliders underneath weight-bearing points. Some furniture lifting devices also have a wheeled system at the fulcrum point of the lever, providing a controlled way to move your heavy furniture for a small distance.

Furniture lifters are also very helpful when you want to use a furniture dolly to put under heavy furniture to move it. Furniture skates, dollies or piano trolleys are a brilliant and safe way to move even the heaviest pieces of furniture.

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Moving heavy furniture need not be a daunting experience if you pick the right equipment to help you in the job.