Mar 18, 2024

Where to Find Boxes for Moving

It is a well-known truth that moving home is one of the most stressful things you will undertake in life. There’s a lot of work involved at many levels – and even once the time approaches to finally sort your belongings ready for the move, the prospect of packing up a home’s worth of household and personal possessions and furniture can be extremely daunting.

It always pays to prepare thoroughly, and this includes where to find boxes for moving as well as working out the best type of boxes to pack all your stuff in so it can be transferred to your new property easily and safely. Read on for our expert guidance on finding, and making the best use of, suitable moving boxes.


The number and size of boxes and materials you’ll need will, of course, vary depending on what you will be moving. So before selecting boxes and packing materials, take stock of everything that needs to be moved. Consider the size, weight and fragility of your household and personal items. Certain possessions may require special types of packaging, so a comprehensive assessment is crucial.

Conduct a quick review of every room in your current home and the belongings that need to be packed from each. Consider not only the quantity of items that need boxing, but also their characteristics: are there a few larger items or lots of smaller items? Are there heavy pieces requiring especially sturdy packaging? Are there delicate or antique items that need to be wrapped individually before they are boxed? Will you be moving a lot of books? Are you putting things into storage?

Make sure you take account of everything that needs to be transported when you’re planning how many, and what kind of, moving boxes you need. It’s usually better to overestimate than find yourself short of boxes later on. Left-over boxes may come in handy for transporting items you’re donating to charity or to friends or family.

We highly recommend the excellent “Your Step by Step Guide to Moving House” from Help for Movers – an invaluable booklet full of information and advice on every aspect of your move.


If you’ve decided to use a professional removals company, check out local members of one of the professional associations, such as Move Assured or the British Association of Removers (BAR), for the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re using a reputable business that’s been fully checked and accredited.

Most good removals companies offer a full packing service, so if you can’t face the stress of packing yourself, or you simply don’t have time, that will be the ideal option to choose. Leaving your packing to the experts will also ensure that every single item packed by the removals team is fully insured throughout the move.

If you’d rather pack everything yourself, your removals company will recommend that you buy or hire a set of professional-grade moving boxes in standard sizes, as this will help the team make optimum use of the space in their vehicles. These make the process so much easier from start to finish, from stacking packed boxes neatly in your old home as they’re ready, to unpacking them at the other end. They really help the removals guys optimise the space in their vehicles, too.

If you’d prefer to source your own boxes, we recommend going to one of the reputable online packaging specialists for advice. It’s also worth checking local community hubs or groups such as Freecycle or Facebook Marketplace for used moving boxes but do be aware of scammers and make sure that you verify the quality and condition of any moving materials you accept from non-commercial sources, especially if money is changing hands.

It’s also worth checking Amazon and eBay for budget-friendly new boxes, but again, do be very careful to check reviews and make sure you’re buying boxes that are genuinely fit for purpose.


Basic Cardboard Boxes: Opt for sturdy cardboard boxes in various standard sizes to carry different items. Make sure they are clean and in good condition.

Top features to look out for when selecting boxes are:

  • Hand holes for easy carrying
  • Double-walled cardboard that won’t split or tear under load
  • If you’re moving books, make sure you pack them in smaller strong boxes, to avoid injury when lifting – books can be much heavier than you think!
  • Eco-friendly options; look for recyclable or biodegradable packing materials to minimise the environmental impact of your move.

Specialised Boxes: For fragile or oddly shaped items such as TVs, wall art and antiques, invest in speciality boxes designed specifically for these purposes, or ask your removals team for advice – many will be able to lend specialised boxes and containers.

Wardrobe Boxes: These tall boxes with built-in hanging rails are perfect for transporting clothes on hangers, minimising wrinkles and hassle. Your removals company should be able to lend you these, so ask when you make the booking. Wardrobe boxes mean you can simply transfer clothes on hangers from your wardrobe straight into the boxes and out again at the other end. Much easier than folding everything into standard boxes or suitcases.


As well as boxes, you may need:

Bubble Wrap: Ideal for wrapping delicate items like glassware and crockery to provide cushioning and protection during transit.

Packing Paper: Use packing paper to wrap items individually or fill empty spaces in boxes to prevent them moving in transit.

Packing Tape: Invest in high-quality packing tape to securely seal boxes and prevent them from opening during transport.

Labels and Marker Pens: Clearly label each box with its contents and destination room so everything goes smoothly in your new home, whether you are using a removals team or doing it yourself.


Once you’ve finished your move and have unpacked – congratulations! You can recycle your moving boxes (especially if they’re cardboard) through your normal residential recycling service (but please do check before you do so!) or your local recycling centre.

Otherwise, you may be able to donate any unused boxes and packaging (anything still in good useable condition), perhaps to a friend, neighbour or family member with an upcoming move of their own, or to initiatives such as Freecycle (where you can find local groups), Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. You may even be able to donate them to a local charity.


A smooth move requires all the right equipment and suppliers from the moment you first start packing until the door shuts in your new home. Evo Supplies moving skates and trolleys are used by many of the top professional removals companies across the UK, as well as in homes, offices, schools, museums and other workplaces. We are a proud member of Move Assured and Made in Britain and are ISO 9001 certified.

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Blog photo courtesy of TVC Removals, and features Bulldog Box packing boxes from Vale Packaging Supplies; both businesses are valued Evo Supplies customers.