Jan 29, 2024

How to Move a Heavy Wardrobe

Your moving day has come. The contracts have been signed and everything is packed and ready to go. But what do you do about the elephant – or rather the wardrobe – in the room?

Moving a heavy wardrobe is not in the same league as lifting a few packed boxes of crockery. Wardrobes are heavy, cumbersome and unwieldy, but the bottom line is there’s no way round it. If you are moving house (or even just clearing a room to have a new carpet laid) the freestanding wardrobes will have to be moved.

So how best to go about moving a wardrobe?

Firstly, take out everything from the wardrobe and pack it separately (not as obvious as it seems) and fasten an adjustable strap around the wardrobe to keep the doors closed while you move it. Also remove any drawers, as you don’t want those falling out while you are in transit.

Then it’s time to get a little helping hand in the form of a dolly. Dollies are versatile, manoeuvrable skates which can bear the weight of the object you need to move. It means once you have placed the item on the dolly, you can let it – rather than your aching arms, knees and back – take the strain.

It’s certainly best to get a friend to help you, as you will need to make that initial lift on to the dolly and then you need to be able to guide it to its destination.

Evo Supplies are the go-to people for top-quality, heavy-duty dollies and there are a range of dollies to choose from, each slightly different to accommodate the load which has to be moved.

Our Mighty Mover, for example, is a super-heavy-duty skate which can carry items of up to one tonne in weight.

So, wardrobes, gym equipment, machinery, pool tables and hot tubs can all be moved safely and efficiently and, most importantly, without you hurting your back.

Rather than physically carrying a massive wardrobe through the house and into the removal van, just place the wardrobe on the dolly and let the castors take the strain.