Sep 19, 2023

How to Pack a TV for Moving

Amid the chaos of upping sticks and moving home, one key issue that crops up is how to ensure the TV makes it safely to your new home.

After months of stressful house hunting and navigating complex legal matters, when moving day comes, it is not without its challenges.

All your delicate items will have been packed and packed again, surrounded by layers of newspaper and bubble wrap.

But packing an ornament or your plates is an entirely different matter to safely packing a television.

So how do you ensure this prized piece of home entertainment equipment is properly packaged for safe transportation?

Big and thin TVs are especially fragile – and shock, vibrations and lack of screen support can lead to them being damaged during transportation.

But there are actions you can take to ensure your treasured TV is protected for the big move.

First, remove all wires from your television, including the power and satellite cables. Make sure you label the wires so you can easily identify them when you unpack them at the other end.

It may be a good idea to take a photograph of the back of your television before you remove the wires, so you know what to aim for when you re-install it.

Next, remove your television from its mount or stand so it is easier to handle and transport.

Finally, ensure your television is properly protected for the journey ahead.

A top tip is to spread out a blanket – or two if needed – and place the TV flat in the centre with the screen side facing up. Then fold each side of the blanket in and over the screen, as if wrapping a gift. Secure the edges with packing tape. Make sure to cover the entire front of the TV so the screen is fully protected.

Stage two is to wrap the television with bubble wrap or corrugated cardboard ensuring this is well secured both from top to bottom and side to side.

As you would with a painting, you can use cardboard corner protectors on top of the wrapping for additional protection. You can find these in art shops or online.

When transporting your television, never lay it on its front or back. This is not good for TVs and can damage the internal electronics. A TV is weaker when it is laid flat and will be more vulnerable to breaking. If it is placed flat without support or protection, there is a danger the screen could crack.

Far better to have the TV standing vertically, which also means nothing can accidentally be placed on top of it.

If your TV is simply too big or heavy to carry, invest in the correct carrying equipment, like a dolly or skate from Evo Supplies, which will share the load and ensure your prized possession can be moved from A to B without either it or your back being damaged in the process.