May 11, 2021

Why ‘Wood’ You Choose Any Other Skate or Dolly?

Here at Evo Supplies, we’re known for the outstanding quality of all our products. Whether you run a removals company that requires sturdy skates that can withstand the constant ‘daily grind’ – or you simply a strong dolly for shifting heavy items around your home or workplace – our skates and dollies are up to the task.

Our expertise, and years of experience in the industry, allow us to create skates and dollies of which we can feel truly proud, and, more importantly, that are based around our customers’ requirements. That said… we can’t take all the credit! When it comes to crafting quality products, you need to be working with quality materials – right down to the core. That’s why we only use the best, most durable plywood we can get our hands on.

Our furniture skates and dollies can offer load bearing from 300kg up to 1 tonne – that alone tells you they’re made from strong stuff! But how exactly does the quality of the wood used to construct our skates and dollies contribute to their unrivalled performance and strength?

Ethically sourced plywood

Our Made in Britain range is crafted using only plywood that is guaranteed to have come from sustainable and ethically managed sources, true to our company’s commitment to sustainability. We’re glad to maintain that high standard and pay it forward to our customers. Sustainably sourced wood often comes with a higher price tag, but we certainly wouldn’t work with anything else!

What’s our Grade?

Having whittled down our wood selection to sustainably sourced only – it is time to look to grading. There’s a vast array of types of plywood available, which is graded from A (highest) to D (lowest). We only use B or B/C grade plywood (or above), which is characterised by a smooth surface – with few, if any, minor flaws – and solid foundations. As well as delivering the strength we need, the smart, knot-free surfaces make the undersides of our skates ideal for applying vinyl logos or stencils, too.

To Veneer or Not to Veneer?

The high demand for the personalised skates that our customers so love is also the reason you will find we avoid using veneered wood, the grainy surface of which does not lend itself well to branded stencils and vinyls. Hardwood ply veneers, when brand new, look great – but being so thin, veneers are susceptible to chipping and flaking over time and use. This gives an unprofessional tarnish and it’s just not ‘what we’re about’ at Evo Supplies – we live to ensure our skates and dollies to look fabulous and perform brilliantly for years to come.

How Does it Measure Up?

We typically use plywood of no less than 18mm in thickness – another secret behind the unrivalled strength and stability of all of our Made in Britain skates. When used in conjunction with the right top-quality castors, and with loads distributed correctly and evenly across the dolly, 18mm plywood has enough tensile strength to carry loads of 500-600kg.

Some of our UK-made skates – like the wonderful Mighty Mover – can even support loads up to 1 tonne! That’s thanks to the 36mm thick, sturdy plywood from only the most reliable, ethical sources.

We do have to mention that our team’s collective knowledge, passion and drive plays a large part in the performance and quality of our UK-made products… We know – of course we ‘wood’ say that… but don’t just take our word for it! Check out our Testimonials page and social media channels to find past and recurring customers who have only the kindest words to say about Evo Supplies!

We’re here to help – if you’re looking for skates and dollies for your removals company, branded items, or something more specific, just give us a ring on 01206 386683 to chat through your requirements with our friendly team.