Oct 8, 2019

Trumpet blowing!

Toot toot!

Our recent annual management system surveillance audit report by NQA recommended Evo’s continued ISO 9001:2015 certification, with this glowing report in the Executive Summary.

This surveillance observed a very satisfactory level of compliance. There has been a change in the production resources that has resulted in very positive changes in regards to quality, consistency and efficiency.

The internal audits have been completed suitably, with no findings and are completed by continual monitoring and the quarterly review process.

The management review is working effectively and gave a satisfactory reflection of the system and operational performance.

The main point of note this year is the improvements made in the production area. These include a reworking of processes, equipment and practices. All of which have seen positive results and have been well received by all.

The organisation work very well as a small team, with good communication and planning and a very considered and consistent approach to product quality and client satisfaction.”

Full credit to Team Evo for a fantastic performance over the past 12 months.