Jul 29, 2021

An Extra Helping Hand – Handled Dollies

New to our Hello Dollies range, this handled dolly is perfect for those scenarios around the home and workplace that could benefit from a dolly you can pull – making the task easier to handle, too! Perhaps you’re digging out the garden furniture for the summer season, or are refreshing the layout of your rooms at home? Our handled skates are here to support you to complete the job safely and efficiently.

Why handled dollies?

Designed (like all our products) with our customers and their needs in mind; the Hello Dollies Non-Slip Dolly with Handle is built to make your life easier. When you’re moving tricky loads, sometimes you need all the assistance you can get to make sure the job is completed effectively.

Having a handle on your skate affords you that extra helping hand when you need it the most, giving you additional control and manoeuvrability as well as more pulling power – which could make all the difference when shifting those awkward items.


The Hello Dollies Non-Slip Dolly with Handle will easily move a range of items. Ideal for home use, to assist when you’re renovating, moving furniture around and more, this dolly features an 18mm plywood board with anti-slip coating. When used correctly, with your items’ weight evenly distributed across the four 75mm polypropylene swivel castors, this skate can handle loads of up to 150kg.

Its 760mm-long foldaway metal handle features a foam rubber grip to prevent hands slipping while items are in transit and is this dolly’s secret to making your moving tasks a real breeze! When not in use, the handle folds down and fits securely into rubber clips on the underside for easy carrying and storage.

Usage and safety

Safety is key when moving any loads, especially heavy ones, and on any occasion when using Evo Supplies skates.

As with any dolly – and any load on top of it – with our handled skates it’s important to ensure that the weight of your items is spread evenly across all castors and that your cargo is secured. We would always suggest avoiding use on sloped or bumpy, uneven surfaces; this will prevent tipping and slipping, and ensures your skate is working to the best of its ability at all times.

Shop handled dollies now – and remember that we are just a phone call away. If you have any questions or want to chat about bespoke or personalised items, just give us a ring on 01206 386683.