Aug 10, 2021

Special Purchase Piano Shoe – Your Perfect Fit?

Here at Evo Supplies, our range of piano skates are unrivalled; built for maximum strength and sturdiness, our dollies have got you covered when you need to move pianos and other heavy loads. Our skates can shift a huge range of items, so are ideal versatile additions to any removal company’s fleet of skates, and our Special Purchase Piano Shoe might just be your new perfect fit.

Measuring in at just over 6 feet in length and 1 foot in width, also known as a piano skid, our long, flat shoe is designed especially for grand pianos, but is just the ticket for upright pianos too.

Built from solid wooden headboard, batten and rails, and featuring an 18mm plywood top board (with hardwood veneer) to provide full and even support for any items on top, the shoe is complete with metal strap holes on either side and elasticated straps on the headboard – ensuring that pianos can be firmly and securely attached, so that nothing will budge once you’re on the move. With items safely strapped on, the shoe’s heavy-duty rope handles allow loads to be carefully pulled, similar to the way that you might pull a sledge, making movement much easier on both flat and sloping or uneven surfaces.

Of course, any piano is a precious item – so the top surface of the shoe, as well as the headboard, is padded and upholstered with blue canvas, providing extra cushioning for any part of the piano in contact with the shoe, gently protecting it from bumps and scuffs while in transit, as well as whilst static or in storage.

With due care, and with loads securely fastened to the shoe, this product can even help to move pianos up and down stairs if needed… so when teamed up with one or more of our other piano dollies, you’re basically unstoppable when it comes to shifting pianos from A to B!

Stock is limited so now is the best time to grab this fantastic product at a bargain price.

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