Aug 25, 2022

How to Move Heavy Equipment

While we think nothing about sending emails or connecting with the world through our mobile phones, there are some areas of modern life where we might be missing a trick when it comes to making our lives a bit easier.

When moving large and heavy objects around the office or work space, many people still seem happy to rely on elbow grease and grunt work. This leads to a much greater risk of injury, particularly if the move is repeated regularly over an elongated period of time.

So what is the best method for moving heavy equipment?

Moving skates are an ingenious tool that help to take the strain out of this type of heavier lifting, making it a much safer, quicker and easier operation. Using a quality moving skate you can lift and load heavy equipment onto the skate and glide even the most heavy and awkward objects across an area without the stress, strain and potential harm that might come from carrying by hand.

A moving skate should be carefully loaded by lifting the item into place on the platform of the skate, ensuring that the weight of the object is supported over the castors as much as is possible. With the weight of the item spread evenly on the skate, you can carefully support it as you push the moving skate wherever it needs to go. With the load well supported and on the move, you can concentrate on guiding it to its new position safely and precisely.

Whatever your moving requirements, Evo Supplies has the skate for the job. From moving files or paperwork around the office to transporting heavy gym equipment, with the right equipment, the task can be transformed.

Evo Supplies has a fantastic range of double-thickness platform skates, six-wheel larger platform skates as well as skates with supersized 200mm extra-strong wheels – each designed to make the job of shifting heavier items far less awkward. In fact, as you calmly push the skate and your item into its new position, you’ll be sure to notice the advantages over the struggles of lifting by hand.

One example is Evo Supplies’ best-selling Mighty Mover, a heavy-duty, 1 tonne capacity skate with larger wheels, which is ideal for moving machinery, engines, hot tubs, pool tables and many other super-weighty items. It features a double-thickness 36mm platform with a non-slip ribbed rubber top plus robust 125mm blue elastic swivel wheels with reinforced castor plates.

If piano moving is your speciality, pick out Evo’s sturdy wooden piano dolly with 200mm elastic wheels and a loading capacity of up to 900kg – helping you shift not just pianos, but other similar heavy and bulky loads. Use the fixed-wheel model for jobs requiring maximum control and stability, our Swivel-Wheel Piano Skates if you require more manoeuvrability or the Super Piano Skates for wheels that can be locked into either uni-directional or swivel mode.

To find the right moving skate for your task, take a look at the Evo Supplies range online or contact our friendly team for advice on 01206 386683. And as the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of moving skates, if your task needs a very specific style of skate, speak to one of the team about how Evo can create a bespoke skate just for you.