May 19, 2021

Introducing… Our Larger Skates

At Evo Supplies, we’re constantly thinking about ways we can innovate and develop to better meet our customers’ removal needs with skates and dollies of the high quality for which we are known.

Ensuring that you have the right skate for the task at hand is always a priority for our team, and we believe there’s no removal job too big, too small, or too tricky that can’t be made easier with one or more of our dollies.

Even so, manoeuvring larger loads can still be difficult and you need sturdy dollies that you know you can rely on… and that’s why we’ve grown our range! Introducing our new larger skates, ideal for extra-heavy appliances that need a dolly with a little extra stability and strength to get them moving.

Big Loader

With a larger wheelbase than our range of piano skates, the new Big Loader ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’! Measuring in at a sizeable 750 x 590mm, the substantial surface area means it is just the ticket for moving big items, not just heavy ones. With no fewer than FIVE 80mm castors firmly secured to the base – one providing extra support in the centre of the dolly – when loads are carefully and evenly distributed across all five wheels, the Big Loader is capable of carrying weights of up to 500kg. This skate is built to be extra-sturdy and reliable when you’re shifting hefty loads.

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Maxi Loader

Unofficially dubbed the ‘bigger brother’ of the Big Loader… the Maxi Loader is our largest skate yet. Measuring a whopping 950 x 590mm, and featuring five 100mm castors for extra stability, this is a super large dolly that can help to support and move cumbersome items like appliances, sofas, benches or tables up to 650kg with comparative ease (when weight is evenly distributed across all the castors). Finished with a rubber bumper edge, giving your walls and doors added protection from knocks and scuffs, the Maxi Loader is an impressive, formidable addition to our heavy-duty skates and dollies range.

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These ‘gentle giants’ are already springing out of our warehouse – but more are on the way; the larger range is here to stay.

If you’ve got a big project coming up, let us know and we’ll chat through your plans and can advise on the best skates for your requirements. Don’t forget we can also create bespoke, customised dollies if you need something specific or particular features added for awkward items – and we can even personalise your items to your company branding.

Call the Evo Supplies team today on 01206 386683 to speak to the friendly experts.