Jun 24, 2022

New Product: Evo Interconnecting Plastic Dollies

Introducing the Interconnecting Plastic Dollies (Set of 2), 600 x 400mm – the latest addition to our popular Hello Dollies range.

When it comes to moving projects of any kind, you need to have equipment that is up to the task, whatever that may be. And that’s why we’ve sourced these versatile interlocking dollies, connectable in a variety of ways to handle a range of jobs around the home or workplace.

The primary feature of the interconnecting plastic dollies is their ability to link together, either side by side or end to end, creating a larger surface area on which to carefully place wider or longer loads for safe transit.

The interlocking dollies have been added to our online shop, in sets of two, at a special introductory sale price of just £68.40 (inc. VAT) for the set, which represents fantastic value – a pair of interconnecting plastic dollies at a similar price that you may find for just one such dolly elsewhere on the market.

Each durable linking dolly is capable of carrying up to 175kg (with loads placed evenly across the platform) due in part to the robust 100mm swivel castors – larger than you would normally see on products like these. Four rubber pads on each top surface help prevent loads from slippage when the dollies are in use. Rubber wheels ensure that the skates are ultra-quiet on smooth flooring, too, so they’re great for use on moving projects in places where it pays to be discreet throughout the working day, such as schools, libraries, offices, hospitals and other workplaces.

Your Hello Dollies interconnecting dollies will arrive with you ready to use, straight from the box, with no additional assembly required. When not in use, the dollies are specifically designed to be easily stored, with a height of just 145mm off the ground and stacking together with castors snugly sitting within the moulded top of the dolly below.

Visit our online shop for full product spec, and to shop, now – or get in touch with the Evo team if you have any queries or are looking for something specific. We’re here to help on 01206 386683.