Jan 7, 2021

The Removal Equipment You Need for Your Move

With the property market booming in the light of the stamp duty holiday, and businesses rethinking their office requirements due to the pandemic, there are a lot of people moving around. If you are struggling to get a removal company booked in, then you may be considering completing a move yourself – but lifting heavy furniture and equipment from one home or office to another is back-breaking labour. Some items require a lot of time and attention to move safely and the professionals are well versed in safe transportation of valuable goods, so you should not take any move lightly and without planning.

Here are just a couple of bits of vital equipment that you should look for if considering handling any move yourself:

Furniture Moving Skates/Dollies

You won’t appreciate the size and shape of many of your belongings, whether in an office or home, until you have to try to shift them. It won’t just be the issue of trying to manoeuvre large pieces through small passages but also moving them easily once you have them out of the property. There’s a huge variety of furniture moving skates available here at Evo Supplies that can make keeping furniture and other equipment mobile with ease.

For those big loads that really take some shifting, a heavy duty dolly can make light work of even the weightiest equipment. At the very top of the range, our Mighty Movers can cope with loads of up to a tonne. Right at the other end of the scale, our Hello Dollies are perfect for a lot of smaller items that you have need to move and are great to have around the place. Browse our variety of other skates and dollies for varying load limits.

As the UK’s leading supplier of wooden furniture moving equipment, we have spent time perfectly tweaking our skates to be the best in the market and perfect for any job. For those sensitive items, we offer a carpeted range so you can protect the gear you are moving when putting it on and removing it from the skate. For potentially slippery equipment that could easily slide if you take your eye off the ball, we have our popular rubber-topped skates which keep items perfectly still when in transit.

Removal Blankets

Any move puts your beloved items at potential risk. Removal blankets are a fantastic way to protect whatever sensitive items of furniture or equipment you are moving, covering them securely to keep them free from the elements as well as any bumps or scrapes. Our removal blankets are made of the highest quality materials and are tightly woven to guarantee security for your load and durability against ripping from regular use.

Take a look through our range of furniture moving equipment now or get in touch on 01206 386683 if you have any questions.