May 25, 2022

Evo Skates – Your New Best Self-Storage Friends

Evo skates are truly versatile. We know only too well that moving house or workplace is no easy task – and no one project is like the next. That’s why removals companies across the country turn to Evo Supplies for moving dollies to help them safely and efficiently transport anything from boxes, furniture, pianos, machinery, garden items, gym equipment, hot tubs and almost anything you can imagine in between.

We’re more than just for corporates though; did you know that our dollies are super handy for domestic use? From spring cleaning to redecorating to summer clear-outs and more, having an Evo skate on hand to take the strain of heavy lifting or spells of back-breaking carrying really is a game changer. With many budget-friendly and smaller options, such as our Hello Dollies and CheapSkates ranges, there are high-quality, economical choices to suit most requirements.

We’re confident in our products and just what a difference they can make to those home moving projects, but our team recently proved this first hand on a recent trip to a self-storage facility.

When faced with the often-daunting task of a clear-out, and sorting through items from a home, working together is key. Establishing what stays and what goes, who takes what, what is for donation and what is to be thrown out is rarely straightforward or quick to resolve – and that’s before anything makes it past the threshold. There’s a fair chance, too, that the need for self-storage space may arise, affording some physical (and mental) breathing space for belongings throughout the process.

It’s a busy and stressful time and on such occasions, any simple helping hand makes a big difference. And that’s where Evo skates come to the rescue to take the weight off your shoulders, literally and figuratively. No need to take the strain of carrying boxes and furniture to and from the property when they can be safely and efficiently rolled instead.

The helping hand doesn’t stop at the curb; while some self-storage facilities provide giant flat-bed trolleys as standard, we’ve found that while they are amply sized, they can sometimes be unwieldly to use – the surface area is there but the sacrifice can be loss of manoeuvrability. One or more of our moving dollies on hand makes conveying items considerably easier – whether you have a couple of boxes in the back of the car, or a full van of belongings in tow. Take it from us!

Sturdy, strong, and with great freedom of mobility – one skate in our range may not fit all but making life, and work, easier is what they all have in common. Whether you’re after a set of wheels for a home move, or a fleet of dollies to join your professional removals crew, visit our online shop to browse our items and check out the specifications, or do give our friendly, knowledgeable team a call on 01206 386683 to chat through what you need.