Oct 19, 2022

From the Everyday to the Weird and Wonderful

Evo Supplies, and our skates, are known for many great things: strength, durability, value-for-money… but one description that we particularly pride ourselves on is our products’ versatility. Our impressive selection of skates and dollies includes options suitable for professional, or domestic, jobs; our customers use Evo products for moving anything from boxes and homeware to office furniture, to pianos and hot tubs (and we rarely shy away from the discussion of creating something bespoke). When it comes to the task of shifting heavy, awkward or unusual loads efficiently, our dollies consistently go above and beyond for a wide variety of moving challenges.

At Evo HQ, we always love it when a customer shares a photo or video of our skates in use – proof, to us, of a job well done. We’ve had the pleasure of collecting together some amazing photos, showing Evo dollies transporting some truly unique items! Here is just a selection of the ‘weird and wonderful’ things that our furniture skates have helped to move…

New Meaning to Doing the Robot

What’s the best answer to the (admittedly not-everyday) question of how to transport a friendly but awkward robot across the city of London? An Evo Supplies’ “Big Loader” of course…

Here’s a shot in a series shared with us by Events and PR company, FeeJee Mermaid, causing a stir as they powered artist Matt Dixon’s cute robot figure across the big city to its temporary home at Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery, where it will remain on display for the autumn.

Definitely making commuters look twice…


Evo Skates Can Always Bear the Load

Any professional removals company needs a ‘kicking’ solution when it comes to moving their customers’ belongings.

Removal and Delivery specialists Store2Door prove, here, that their Evo personalised skate is just the piece of equipment for any such job, providing a steady, reliable surface on which this sculpture of Po from Disney franchise Kung Fu Panda could roll safely into storage without toppling or damage.

The perfect combination of solid power and sleek efficiency.


Ready to Face the Challenge

Museums and galleries across the country use Evo Supplies dollies to help them move larger pieces of art. This photo from Callums Removals demonstrates how, with our equipment by your side, that support doesn’t stop when the precious cargo leaves the premises. The unique sculpture needed not only a sure set of hands, but also a reliable set of wheels, to transport it safely on its way to an event in Greenwich. Not a sight that passers-by will forget in a hurry.

Callums Removals’ personalised skate proudly displays their business branding, advertising their company and expertise whilst on the go.


Greater Than the ‘Summer’ its Parts…

KAT Marketing, based in Boxted, Essex, are accustomed to unusual requests and creative solutions – but when a summer seaside event called for some larger-than-life decorations, they found themselves with an oversized ice cream sculpture, and gigantic bucket and spade, to transport to the event location.

Their Hello Dollies Interconnecting Plastic Skate was just the ticket to move these heavy and awkwardly shaped items, with the help of local delivery service GLJ Couriers, on their way without delay and in pristine condition.

Keeping an Evo dolly to hand in the office continues to benefit the team in spades.


Winning the Removals Battle

Ryan’s Removals are no strangers to making commercial moving projects look easy but when it comes to tricky items, your approach needs more than just expert experience. When this customer’s Chinese Warrior needed to move to its new home, the Ryan’s team knew that their Evo skate would not let them down.

Tall items can be susceptible to toppling, and given the weight, fragility and value of this particular sculpture only the best equipment will do. Evo dollies deliver not only on strength, but feature hard-wearing castors for a smooth movement when goods are in transit.


Got another contender to join the Evo Supplies ‘most unique item moved on a skate’ hall of fame? We always love seeing ‘in action’ shots of your skates put to good use and are always keen to share and cross-promote on social media. Get in touch today!

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