Apr 22, 2021

Refresh Your Stock for Spring with Evo Supplies

Spring is always a time when we note a flurry of activity in the removals industry; the season of change never fails to prompt the public to flock to new homes. Truer than ever this year, with the added impacts of the pandemic heightening the collective need to relocate to pastures new, as homeowners seek more space after spending concerted periods at home.

With restrictions causing no end of uncertainty, and with a range of industries grinding to a halt, or near-halt, in 2020, we all are aware that circumstances have changed for everyone; many people who had planned to move last year have felt the need to put their removal plans on ice. Potential homebuyers – customers for removals companies – may, though, have noted their nest egg growing more than usual last year, with a higher proportion of disposal income being saved for future deposits, rather than spent on holidays.

With the days now gradually beginning to lighten up, as well as some of the lockdown restrictions, we see the public looking to finally hatch their property plans and get back on track. Factoring in the extension of the stamp duty holiday until the end of June – as well as the recently announced 95% mortgage scheme having launched this month – it can be no surprise to anyone in the sector that we’re looking at a boom (or should we say ‘bloom’?) in house moves for the second quarter of this year.

New light on the horizon? When the removal business is busy, so are the Evo Supplies team. As ever, we are committed and hard at work to meet your requirements, building the high-quality skates for which we are known, ensuring that our customers have the full range of dollies they need to get even the trickiest removals jobs done, and done well.

Whether your company is moving office supplies, home furniture and appliances, pianos, or something even more awkward… Evo Supplies skates and dollies are here to lighten the load. If you’re looking to refresh your stock for spring, we’ve got what you need and are always ready to talk custom skates if your business calls for bespoke items, tailor made to a particular job.

It’s also the perfect time for your brand to stand out and be seen. What could make a stronger statement than your company logo proudly and professionally displayed on the base of each item in your fleet of personalised skates and dollies?

Browse the range in our online shop – or call and speak to the friendly, knowledgeable team on 01206 386683 to discuss personalisation and customisation, or if you have any questions.